Android users - how to upgrade to version 3 of the Javelin reader

Google has recently released Android 8 and 8.1 (Oreo), and yet another new version 9 (Pie), both with substantial changes to the operating system and built-in apps ... specific areas such as Permissioning, Security, Image handling and Settings have all been changed. While there is supposed to be backward compatibility, this is not the case for all apps.

To meet the challenge for offline PDF reading and PDF security Drumlin Security has developed a completely new Android reader, Javelin3 for Android. It is fully compatible with the latest versions of Android and Javelin3 will replace the existing Javelin for Android on the Google Play appstore, support for which will be discontinued. Javelin3 retains the same download and catalog functionality of the previous app, but with a new PDF viewer, a new security framework and much better integration for file downloading via email, web links and Dropbox.

The old version of Javelin for Android will be removed from the Google Play AppStore at the end of November 2018. Existing users of the Javelin for Android app will be unaffected by this change unless they change device or decide to use the new, improved Javelin3 app. The app is available from the Google Play AppStore here:

where you can find details of the functionality that is provided.

If you are a user of the older version of the Android Javelin reader you can continue using that older version or you can choose to upgrade to the new Javelin3 version.  In the latter case you need a valid authorization code because this new reader needs to authorize the document once again. In case you already used the two uses of the provided authorization code you need to mail me with your authorization code in which case I will check you as a valid user and reset the counter of the authorizations so that you can install the new version.

How to upgrade to version 3 of the Javelin PDF reader?

  1. Download on your device the new version by using the above mentioned link or by searching in the Google Play store for Javelin3
  2. Install the new version on your Android device
  3. Open the new version; give the required access to the app
  4. Click on the second item from the left
    Javelin3 Android instr
    Choose the option All Files and select the already installed cdg.drmz by clicking on it.
  5. Enter the required authorization code; start by using the code that you got by email when you purchased the Curaçao Diving Guide
    In case you still have an authorization left, this will work and from now on you can open the guide without entering the authorization code again just by clicking on it.
    In case you get an authorization failure lease email me directly by replying to the original mail or by using the contact page on this web site. In that case you have to provide the original authorization code so that I can check that you are the original user (name provided should match the name that you used when purchasing the diving guide). After validation I will reset the code so that can authorize the diving guide again in the new javelin version.