GDPR regulations

On May 25, 2018 the GDPR-regulations will be enforced for all European companies and also for companies that deal with European customers.
In short this means:

  • the customer needs to give explicit consent to the storage of the personals data that are entered as part of the order entry and payment processsing
  • the customer may request information about the data that are stored for him
  • the customer may request the data to be deleted; this applies to the personal data and not to the data related to the financial transaction because the transactional data need to be kept to fulfill legal administrative requirements.

These requirements are implemented as follows:

  • As part of the checkout process the customer has to check an additional checkbox to give explicit consent to the GDPR requirements
  • an extra menu-item is available under the Shop menu with the tile "My profile"; choosing this menu-option will require you to log in with the credentials that you entered during the checkout process; your orders and address information will be displayed
  • after displaying the address and order information you may enter a request to delete these data. Submitting such a request will result in the sending of an email to the administrator of Curaçao Diving Guide who will execute the request.